Corstorphine Dementia Project

Welcome To Our New Website!

Hello all and welcome to our new website!  We decided the website was long overdue a sprucing up, and with the help of a wonderful volunteer called Robyn, we’ve build the website you’re visiting right now.  We wanted to make sure it was clear and accessible for anyone who might be interested in finding out a little bit more about Corstorphine Dementia Project.  

You’ll find info about the Jubilee Club, the Teatime Club, how to go about getting a referral, other resources that might be useful, and how to contact us.  We hope that this website will be useful for keeping you all updated with what we’re up to, alongside the usual updates we’ll still be posting regularly to the Facebook page.  

While we’ve found Facebook gives us a good chance to share photos and connect with other people, carers and organisations, we’re hoping to give you slightly longer updates via this news blog.  That might be opportunities for carers, updates about what we’ve been up to, or developments within the world of dementia care.  Watch this space!  

Having said all that, if there’s other things you’d like us to keep you informed about, then please just let us know.  We’re also keen to give carers and volunteers a chance to share their experiences with others who would really benefit from reading their words.  

So welcome and best wishes from all the CDP team!

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