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How to get involved and become a member of The Corstorphine Dementia Project’s volunteering team.

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At The Corstorphine Dementia Project we’re fortunate enough to be supported by a team of 25 volunteers, each one bringing their own skills and personality to the club.
You may not know that our project was started by a dedicated group of volunteers!
If you would like to get involved please get in touch.

0131 478 7784

Testimonials from our Volunteers

Lending a hand within the community

"What I enjoy about volunteering is having an opportunity to lend a hand within my community. My dad attended the club for several years and I know how much he enjoyed it. It also gave my mum some much needed respite. I especially enjoy seeing some of the quieter members contribute and demonstrate what they can achieve. I miss all the characters, the banter and our cheery singing."​

Overcoming a life-long fear

"When I think of volunteering, the time that Cool Creatures came to the club comes to mind. Calum came with lots of cute animals - and a Tarantula! I have been afraid of spiders all my life but when I say the Jubilee Club member managing to hold a spider, I bit the bullet and decided to have a go. I'm glad I did - it was so soft and light in my hand. I felt really proud of myself, although I don't know what I would have done had it moved!"

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Carrick Knowe Parish Church
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0131 478 7784